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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

#darts World Matchplay Round 2 Stompe 12-8 Webster at the break

Leg 16
Stompe is have double trouble, and Webster takes advantavge. Webster 122 s18, t18, bull for the leg
Stompe 10-6

leg 17
Stompe scores well in this leg and takes it. A leg he needed if he wants to hold his advantage.
Stompe 11-6

leg 18
Slack darts from both players in this leg, but also some that were brilliant.
Webster breaks the throw and grabs another leg
Stompe 11-7

leg 19
Stompe on 170 finish and shoots t20 t20 25.
Webster seems to have found his form and takes another leg.
Stompe 11-8

leg 20
Stompe is not scoring as strongly as webster, but he just holds on to take the leg.
Stompe 12-8

This match has really heated up with Stompe having some slack scoring and missing some crucial doubles while Webster is really scoring and finishing well.

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