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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

#darts World Matchplay Taylor 5-5 Bates at the break

6th leg
Taylor still scoring strong and takes the leg.
Taylor 4-2

7th leg
Bates takes another leg!
Bates avg about 93
Taylor avg about 118
Taylor 4-3

8th leg
Taylor had 3 a d20 and it went miss, miss, d5,
then he had 3 at d15 and went miss, s15, s7 leaving it for Bates to steal.
All level at 4-4

9th leg
Taylor 3 at d20 miss, s20, miss
Bates takes another leg!
Hardly what one would expect from Taylor.
Bates 5-4

10 leg
Taylor bounces back to take the leg.
all level 5-5
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